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From a deep tissue massage to a therapeutic and absolutely medical massage, read what my satisfied clients have to say.

Great massage

I have received over 10 massages from Louann and every one of them has been first rate. She is by far the best massage therapist I have ever been too. I am a licensed massage therapist myself practicing for 18 years. I highly recommend Louann.
S. Keith LMT

Scott I.

I am now a believer

I have never had a massage before, let alone one tailored to sports via deep tissue. I cannot believe I have missed out on this experience until now. Louann (business owner) is extremely knowledgeable and comforting in her approach. This is definitely the venue if your in the market.

Michael B.

Louann is amazing

Aches and pains in my back? GONE after Louann was done with me. She was very professional and took the time to sit down and get to know me and my issues before our therapy session. I felt very comfortable in her care. Definitely coming back for more!

Jeffrey J

Neck Surgery

I cannot believe how good I feel. I had neck surgery in March to have 3 vertebrae removed and replaced. I was unable to turn my head for weeks. I went to Louann and after just 2 treatments I have full mobility in my neck. My doctor couldn’t believe how well i healed. He said i would have full mobility in maybe 6 to 1 yr after surgery.. well i did it in 3 months with the help of Louann. She is absolutely fantastic.

Anna Ray

I began going to

I began going to Louann when my old massage therapist was unable to see me. I injured myself at the gym causing sciatica. After the first treatment I saw major results. Each massage after made the pain/discomfort less. Usually after participating in a powerlifting competition I am so sore and stiff that I can hardly move, but this time I only experienced very minor tightness that was mostly relieved by stretching. I would recommend her to anyone needing a massage, but especially for those suffering due to heavy lifting.

Nima W

Professional Massage!

If you are looking for a professional massage, you should contact Louann Bounds at Absolutely Therapeutic Medical Massage. She is very professional and very knowledgeable of meeting your needs. I had a catch in my neck and she was able to relieve the pain.
Thank you Louann!

Vicki Reiser

What a relief

After neglecting to get a massage for a few years, I was in dire need. I found Louann online, and have found my massage therapist for life! She found my problem areas that I didn’t even realize were bothering me. I can’t believe how much better I feel.

Angel Rose

Louann is a Godsend

During my packing of household goods in preparation for my move back to New England, I came across an old voucher for a 90 minute massage from Louann. I called her up and inquired about the voucher’s use (it said it never expired). She went out of her way to ensure that I did get my massage, even though her week was fraught with car troubles and scheduling conflicts. She took time out of her weekend to make sure I was given an amazing (much needed) massage! Louann is very professional and will always do her very best to accommodate her clients. I have and will recommend her to everyone!

David Dunnell

Louann is very knowledgable and helpful.

After lots of searching for the right Massage Therapist to purchase a gift certificate, I’m so glad I found Louann. She worked with me from out of town and personally mailed the gift certificate to the recipient. Then she was very accommodating in scheduling their appointment. They were very pleased with their massage session. Louann is very knowledgeable.


Loved it!

I would never go to anyone else! LouAnn is amazing!


Best Massage Ever

I have chronic cervical and thoracic pain. I have had multiple surgeries and have tried spinal injections, physical therapy, medication, etc. all to help calm my daily pain in some form without success. I have had massages previously and they last very brief as far as in terms of relief. But, after reading this website and multiple testimonials I decided to go for it one last time. Now I cannot stop singing Lou Ann’s praises. She took the time to see what I specifically needed and made the massage all about my needs. For example, I have muscle spasms constantly and now almost a week later, my neck spasms are still relaxed. Those are spasms no treatment has been able to release previously and she got them to release within minutes! I would suggest Lou Ann to everyone.

Jessica J

Medical miracle hands!

I rarely write reviews but I absolutely could not pass up the opportunity to share this experience! I have tried 2 other massage spas here in Lawton and none even come close to this! Louann is truly a sweetheart, her attitude is vibrant amazing and professional not to mention very humble. I am 1 month post op from a absominalplasty with muscle repair and to say I’m swollen, sore and my range of motion limited doesn’t come close to how awful I felt before I came in her office! I guess I could use the term it hurt so good! I feel so much better physically and mentally, defiantly will be coming back! Look no further because you will not regret it!

Victoria S

Highly Recommend!

I highly recommend Louann Bounds as a massage therapist. She is highly experienced, extremely knowledgeable, and makes the experience one that is relaxing and refreshing. She is very thorough and methodical in her approach and ensures that all problems areas are addressed and attended to. Lastly, Louann is very professional, friendly, and makes her clients feel welcomed and relaxed. Give her a call, you’ll be glad you did!

Chris Fowler

Hands Down The Best

From start to finish, this was by far the best massage experience I’ve ever had. The moment you walk in the door, you’re immediately put at ease by the soft lights, soothing music, and super comfy furniture in the waiting room. Louann came in and greeted me with such a warm and genuine smile. I was impressed with how knowledgeable and professional she is, not only that, but her level of skill far surpasses anyone else I’ve been to.(sorry ladies) I will definitely be making another appointment with Louann, she is a rare find.

Smiles B

My Prior Experience With Therapeutic

My prior experience with therapeutic massage had not been good. I was reluctant to try again; however, I had heard glowing reports about Louann Bounds. I served in the United States Army for 23 years. During that time I was wounded twice and survived two helicopter crashes. This resulted in compressed fracture of my lower spine and a broken leg. I have dealt with pain for years; however, as I grew older these injuries became more painful and disabling. I met with Louann Bounds prior to my appointment. She went over my medical history and was very thorough. Prior therapist had never asked me, in detail, about my past injuries. This made me very comfortable in knowing that before she began treating me she would take time to ask about my medical history. Her office is very comfortable, immaculate and professional. I have had three treatments now and have felt a marked improvement in the reduction of pain and stiffness in my body. Louann Bounds is an excellent therapist that truly cares about her clients.

Jerry Orr

I was referred by my Chiropractor to Louann 9 years ago, but I didn’t call for an appointment that day…. until one of my life long friends told me that he went to her every week, and sometimes more than once a week. Then he told me about the pain relief he got. I finally called her, and during my first massage session, the tightness and pain started to ease up, when the session was over, I felt like a new person, and the relief lasts for me. I have standing appointments with Louann, I’ve been doing so for 9 years. I just wish I’d have called right away 9 years ago!

Homer Ryan, Frederick, OK

When I got to Lawton and tried to find a massage therapist I was upset by all the “massage Parlors” and had heard what went on…so I started asking around and Louann’s name came up again and again, so after hearing about her practice so many times, I scheduled an appointment (I had to wait 2 weeks to get in). I have to tell you it was worth the wait!

S.J.K.,Lawton, OK

I’ve had many massages all over the country, I have to say Louann is professional, and excellent, she sets herself apart from any other massage therapist I’ve ever been to. Make no mistake; she is a legitimate, very skilled massage therapist. Don’t hesitate to schedule a session with Absolutely Therapeutic Massage Therapy and Reflexology.

L.L.M.,Lawton, OK

When I made my appointment, I was surprised that Louann did specific things to address pain management that were missing from other massages I had got. I’ve had appointments at spas, salons, and even a tanning salon, however this session was detail oriented.
 she really cared that I got the very best. I couldn’t believe how different I felt when my session was finished, and best of all my migraine headache was gone!!!! I live in Tulsa, and work in Lawton on a sporadic basis I always call to make sure at least a week ahead of time to make sure I can get in. I have a get massage in Tulsa 
I am a Nurse Practitioner. I’d had several bad experiences at two spas in Lawton, then a Doctor told me who his massage therapist was. I made an appointment and  “BINGO”!! A REALLY GOOD MASSAGE. I make sure I have a standing appointment with Louann. She is compassionate and personable, I felt comfortable during the first appointment.

B.A. Lawton

I moved from Atlanta, Georgia To Oklahoma last year and the thing I missed most was my Massage Therapist. So I started to hunt for a replacement. After several tries, I didn’t think I would ever find one as good as my therapist in Atlanta. I’d just about given up, but then I found LouAnn Bounds at Absolutely Therapeutic Massage Therapy & Reflexology. For several years I had a sharp pain in my lower back that would go down my legs, but with my sessions from LouAnn the pain has disappeared. LouAnn is very professional and extremely gifted in deep tissue therapy. I know she really cares about me as a person. And I highly recommend her as the best massage therapist I’ve ever had.

J.B.,Davis, OK

I had never experienced professional massage therapy until I met LouAnn. I was experiencing lower back pain and was thrilled that during my first session, I felt immediate relief and relaxation. The effects of our session lasted almost until my next appointment, and that was due to LouAnn’s ability to pinpoint and create a treatment plan specifically where the my pain was . I appreciate the professional yet relaxing atmosphere that LouAnn has created in her office, as well as her education, knowledge, skill and ability.

J.G., Cache, OK

When I made my first appointment with LouAnn 2 years ago my bones, joints, and especially my neck, shoulders, and feet were a mess! She has provided fantastic pain relief and relaxation for me, and I make sure I have regular appointments. Anyone visiting her website, looking for a professional therapist, I recommend her massage therapy to any potential client.

R. M., Lawton, OK

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. I closed my practice to join my husband at Ft Sill, Ok. I knew I needed some serious bodywork after arriving, because I wanted to resume my bodybuilding/weightlifting and I experienced severe back pain. I made an appointment with LouAnn after several other disappointing appointments with other therapists in Lawton. After just a few sessions I was able to begin going to the gym. I continued my appointments for increased flexibility and endurance during my workouts.

Tina Trammel, L.M.T.

LouAnn got me thru my last pregnancy, and I’m so grateful! At the time I was pregnant I was working as a Labor/Delivery Nurse at Memorial Hospital. This was not my first pregnancy, and I experienced a VERY DIFFERENT DELIVERY because of my decision to get pregnancy massage!

Candy Goodman, R.N.

Her massage room is QUIET, and serene, you sink into her massage table and I had no trouble relaxing….my massage session was AWESOME! She is very skilled and completely gifted! I felt better than I had in several years after just one session, so I make sure I have a regular, standing appointment, for fear of NOT being able to get an appointment!

D.F.,Lawton, OK

I searched for a massage Therapist in the OKC area for several years thinking I
 would never find just the right person, but then I found LouAnn Bounds. This lady truly has a gift in her hands that only God could have given her. Her knowledge, experience and talent make her not only a massage therapist, but also a true professional. There is no more searching for me…LouAnn Bounds IS the “the right person” for me. I highly recommend her!

Kelly Smalts, Mustang, OK

I have had many massages sessions, however this therapist is unique, and really good, so I don’t hesitate to recommend her because she really cares and I don’t feel like I’m just another name on her appointment book!!  Her office is really wonderful and a special place.

P.J., Lawton, OK

I was new to Lawton, and I had 3 VERY BAD experiences at “MEDI-SPAS”, So I started asking around and kept hearing about “Louann” So I called because she is a member of the BBB and also has so much training, and she has been practicing for so long. I also called because my Doctor uses her and has a “standing appointment” with her. As for my appointment, She really IS the best in Lawton! And she is busy and stays booked up. What really impressed me was one night just after her business hours I called because I was in serious pain from a pulled muscle, she said she was home making dinner, but then she said “It’s no big Deal, I’ll meet you at my office in 20 minutes” I WAS so grateful!!!! She literally took the pain away within about 30 minutes, I walked out of her office pain free. I must also add that she is 100% legitimate. My advice is pick up the phone and call her, if you get her voicemail, she DOES return her calls. I wouldn’t make an appointment anywhere else now.

K. F., Lawton, OK

I’ve used Louann for years, and last December, She had to call me to cancel my appointment, telling me that her Dad had passed away (while she was holding him!) on Christmas Day. She had to make a 2 day drive because she knew she couldn’t get a plane out 3 days before Christmas. I felt so bad for her, She had to bury her Dad 3 days after Christmas, and make sure her Mom was going to be ok before she left.  knowing her the way I do after going to her for the last 11 years, I don’t know anyone who could have handled that situation, the way it happened, except her because she is also an R.N)  She took most of the month in January off, but I was one of the first people She called to schedule, She explained that she is still in “Healing Mode” as she calls it, but I have to say it doesn’t affect the quality of her Massage sessions! I have been her first appointment for the day, and her last appointment of the day, and you would never know the difference!  I’m just glad to be back on my regular schedule.

M. K., Lawton, OK

This Massage Therapist has made a huge difference for me, I was suffering from Migraines, Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder….I Feel 100% better and I must say I feel so safe and comfortable in her office. I don’t have to listen to “salon chatter” or deal with “Medi-spa hassles” and I have tried ALL OF THEM!!!!! So if you want to find a new Massage Therapist that really IS compassionate & caring, then call her! I will say she has been thru a lot of grief, and personal loss in the past few years herself, however SHE IS A TRUE PROFESSIONAL! I believe she would get up from her own “deathbed” to give someone a massage to relieve their pain, & give them relief.

S.M. Lawton, OK

I have been to every “Day Spa”, Medi Spa, and Therapist in other medical offices, I believe I was taken advantage of money wise, and felt my privacy was encroached, however- when I walked into her waiting room, I felt I was “HOME’!!!! Everything was handled professionally, ethically, and with a sense of humor when called for!  I was able to see her the next day due to a cancellation. I was really grateful!!!!  Don’t waste your time trying to get into a Salon or worse a “Massage & Spa”

I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH THIS LADY!  I had never had a massage until I received a gift Certificate, I was hesitant to use it, however the person who gave it to me said she makes regular appointments. I made an appointment and when I went in I was very impressed! She is kind, compassionate, & professional. She is so good that I relaxed completely. I will definitely be back to see her.

T. M., Lawton

I am NEW TO LAWTON! My new Staff on Post said “CALL LOUANN!”  I’m Military, and she understands the Psychological wounds, (PTSD) and everything that goes with it! In my opinion she is better that a Licensed Marital Social Worker, or Counselor. And she’s NOT expensive, – JUST WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!  Ft. Sill is lucky!!!!

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